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Clean Puppy accepts animals under 35 pounds.

Our services for both Dogs and Cats:

Full Grooming: Our basic grooming includes bathing with our hypo-allergenic, environmentally friendly products, nail trimming, ear cleaning, combing, anal gland express and the specified hair cut of your preference for each pet.

Baths: Flea Bath, Dry Skin Bath, Sensitive Bath, Whitening Bath or De-Skunk Bath with nail trimming, the ear cleaning, and anal gland express.

Puppy Hair Trimming: When your puppy is about 15 weeks, you can bring him or her to visit us. During that first visit to the groomer, we will make every effort to make him/her feel comfortable and enjoy the visit. Puppy Hair Trimming gives your puppy a great start in learning to be handled properly and receive a haircut. We help your puppy to love the grooming experience.

Furminator Treatment (De-shedding): If you have a problem with pet shedding, this is the right services for you. We use special tools to remove all of the dead hair and reduce 70-80% of all shedding. Proper treatment enables your pet to keep their hair healthy, prevent fur or hair balls, reduce unwanted hair all over the house and allergic issues, and improve overall health of your pet.

Trim and Tidy: Sometimes, your pet does not need full grooming but a little cleanup to keep looking and feeling healthy. Our Trim and Tidy Service provides:

Nail Trimming: Our nail trimming services keep your pet's paws healthy and prevent injury to themselves and furniture

Ear Cleaning:

Toothbrushing: $15 per pet. If you purchase a full grooming service or a bath service, tooth brushing is only $10. When you book an appointment, please mention to add on "Toothbrushing Service" to it and we will:

It's necessary to brush you pet's teeth regularly. This will reduce their dental cleaning bill in the future and keep your pet's mouth healthy!

Cat Grooming: If your pet cat requires grooming, prices range between 65 and 70 dollars. This includes a Lions Cut, ear cleaning, nail trimming, and a special bath. Cats can be easily stressed during grooming due to their natural being. Since we do not sedate pets for grooming, we stop the grooming process for a period, then try a second time. If your cat remains highly stressed, and not allowing us to achieve a desired result, we will call you immediately.

Cat Bath: Bath, dry, and brush.

PICK-UP & DROP OFF TIMES, CANCELLATIONS, NO-SHOWS & LATENESS: Please keep in mind that we work on an appointment only basis. We are a small business and in order to stay open to serve you, we must enforce the following:

AGGRESSIVE PETS: If your pet shows signs of extreme stress or aggression, we recommend the session be terminated. For some a mild tranquilizer (as prescribed by your vet) may be appropriate until they learn to trust and accept the grooming session. In Clean Puppy, we don’t do any sedation on any pet, but for some aggressive dogs may apply muzzle during the grooming process. Some animals have had bad past grooming experiences, or no experience at all, and they will need some time to learn to trust their groomer. In some cases some additional fees will be incurred.

ELDERLY PETS GROOMING: Grooming procedures sometimes can be stressful, especially for a senior pet or a pet with health problems, and can expose hidden medical conditions or aggravate existing ones during or after the grooming. Senior pets and pets with health problems have a greater chance of injury; therefore, these pets will be groomed for cleanliness and comfort in styles that will not add to their stress. It’s possible that minor accident or injury to your elderly or health-compromised pet occurs during their grooming. Please understand the grooming performance maybe not perfect for your pets at this situation.

SKUNKED DOGS: Call for an emergency appointment immediately! The sooner the dog receives treatment the better! Timeliness is a critical factor in successful removal of the skunk odor!

FLEAS & TICKS: If you notice your fur-kid has fleas, please call immediately so we can make arrangements to get you in ASAP. For a heavily infested pet, we may request that you ask your vet about CAPSTAR, an oral medication that will kill any flea on your pet (it actually begins working in 30 minutes!) When a flea infestation occurs - the home environment (your home, their bedding, your yard, your car etc.) must be treated to kill any of the fleas, flea eggs and larvae that remain. Please be sure to treat the dog & the environment to successfully rid your home & pet of fleas. Keep your pet on a regular grooming schedule. A clean, well-groomed pet is the best way to keep the flea problem at bay. After successful extermination of the parasites, I will help you maintain your flea-free lifestyle!

Please call or email us to book an appointment for your pet.
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